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ENGL 3306 - Rodriguez: Is it a Scholarly, Peer-reviewed Article?

The course ENGL 3306: Young Adult Literature emphasizes major works of literature thatappeal to the young adult reader with an emphasis on contemporary writing about adolescentdevelopment. Undergraduate students will gain perspectives from a rich study of

What are (Scholarly) Peer Reviewed publications?

Peer reviewed can mean:

  • Blind Peer Reviewed - (or Double Blind Peer Reviewed) - Articles appearing in a journal are sent outside of the journal's publishing or sponsoring organization for review by external reviewer(s), whereby the either author's identity or the reviewers' identity is unknown.

  • Editorial Board Peer Review - articles appearing in a journal are reviewed by an internal board of editors, not solely by one editor. The author's identity may be known or unknown.

  • Expert Peer Review - articles appearing in a journal are reviewed by experts (either internal or external to the journal) whose credentials are known and who are experts within the subject matter of the article under review. The author's identity may be known or unknown.


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Is it a Peer-reviewed Article?

Below is one process to tell whether the articles published in a particular journal have been through the peer-review process.

1. Find the About this journal section.

a. Type in journal title into the UTEP library online catalog’s E-Journals tab.

b. Click on Title Details.

c. Go to the publication’s Website.

d. Find the About section and read whether peer-reviewing is mentioned in the description.

2. Read the Bibliographic Information in the Library Record.  

a. Once you have found your journal title in the E-Journals tab, and clicked on title details, select Additional Title Details.

b. Look in Key Features.

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          Art BreakHermit


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