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COMM 5310 - Atouba: Sage Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods


Use this tab section with dropdown listings to find out how to do specific searches using the SAGE Research Methods database.


Use this database to: Find more information on research methods, how to conduct research, research textbooks and videos. It provides the most comprehensive picture available today of research methods (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods) across the social and behavioral sciences. It includes more than 100,000 pages of SAGE book and reference material on research methods as well as editorially selected material from SAGE journals. In addition, SRMO contains content from more than 600 books, including the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences "Little Green Books" series from SAGE.


Content: Please note that this database does not provide access to cases or datasets:


How to find this database in the UTEP Library online catalog

There is more than one way to find this database. For a precise search, let's look up this database by name. Starting from the UTEP Library homepage, we will use the Articles & Databases tab.


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