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POLS 3361- International Security- Fall 2016: Source Recommendations by Group


United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security

Other sources to help you identify areas of interest and focus your coverage of this topic for your presentation

A Source of Sources



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civil war and terrorism in the levant

In our meeting I agreed that one of the sources I would provide for you here would be some sort of authoritative map of the Levant. There are lots of options out there, not all of them necessarily appropriate for your work in this class, so I can see why you all might have had trouble finding one you had confidence in. I happened upon this site, Columbia University's Gulf2000 Project, which among other things hosts maps of the Gulf region, which are original and frequently updated. See the top of the page for copyright information, and who to cite as the author. The links below are for more than just maps of the Levant, as there were many others I saw on the page that I thought you might find useful. Do take a look at the entire list for yourselves, though.

--Angela Lucero, your librarian ^_^

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