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How to Use

The UTEP Library's subscription to the virtual cadaver and anatomy product,, is feature-rich... but you might need a little help gettings started. Here's a how-to!

Getting Started With the 3D Atlas

QUICK START GUIDE TO USING Primal's 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy of the Head and Neck

[For more detail, check out's comprehensive guide to using the 3D Atlas] 


  • The 3D Views tab to the lower right of the screen displays a list of all available 3D views. Use this list to quickly navigate around the product.


  • Explore the 3D anatomy using the Layer and Rotate controls at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Add/remove layers of anatomy using the drop-down menu and the up/down arrows. 
  • Rotate the 3D model using the left/right arrows - double arrows rotate by 9 frames in either direction; single arrows rotate by 1 frame. 
  • Click on any structure in the image to highlight it and read related text. 
  • You can Save or Print images and text at any time.


  • Click on the Contents icon at the top left of the screen to open a list of expandable folders containing text articles for all structures as well as slides and 3D and MRI views.


  • Click on the Index icon at the top left of the screen to list all anatomical structures, slides and 3D views alphabetically. 


  • Click on the Bookmarks icon to save a bookmark to the image, movie, or slide you are currently viewing.
  • Bookmarks are stored in the program for next time, and are easily imported and exported.


  • Click on the Weblink icon at the top left of the screen to save a URL to the image, movie, or slide you are currently viewing.


  • Use the Search box at the top right of the screen to search the entire contents of this title.

[overview courtesy of, 2014]

For more detail, check out's comprehensive guide to using the 3D Atlas

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