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Theatre History and Literature I (THEA 3351): Course Info

Research guide created to guide students to success in their course THEA 3351 with Dr. Dominguez.

Sample Research Statements

Guerilla theatre in Renaissance Italy’s commedia dell’arte.


A comparison of the role of women on stage during the Renaissance in France and Spain.


The concept of individualism in Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid.


An examination of the transformation of theatre as propaganda under religious co-option during the Middle Ages.


The impact of paganism on theatre in Ancient Greece.


An investigation of the impact of theatre restrictions implemented by Queen Elizabeth I English theatre through as exemplified by Doctor Faustus.


The role of the Catholic Church during the Spanish Golden Age and the implications of the Church on playwright Lope De Vega through an examination of his play, Fuente Ovejuna.

Subject Guide

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Doctor Faustus

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