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Welcome. This libguide has been developed for students in  Scholarly Writing for Educators : TED 5304 taught by Dr. Amy Bach
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Course Description

The purpose of this course is to build and refine scholarly writing through the use of archival research, documented sources, and library databases.  Students will draw from a variety of UTEP library resources to support their research and writing while developing information literacy skills to locate, analyze and apply information.  Students will also work closely with peers and the professor to provide constructive feedback on one another’s writing and to produce publication-quality papers. To that end, the course covers issues of conceptualization, argumentation and evidence, and citation and referencing. It also deals with style, audience, organization, and mechanics, and relies heavily on peer review and editing.


This is an intensive, semester-long course that will require a significant investment of time beyond face- to-face meetings.  Students will need to plan to invest approximately 8-10 hours per week on reading, research, writing, and development of related skills.  Please plan accordingly.


This will be a hybrid course, meaning students will have the opportunity to complete both face-to-face class activities as well as online activities that cover topics and issues related to academic writing, effective peer editing and review, research strategies, documentation, and the writing process.  The technologically-enhanced format also allows for the opportunity to engage in electronic peer review of one another’s drafts and virtual interactions via the discussion boards.

Subject Guide

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