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SOWK 3358: Generalist Social Work Prac II : Evidence Based Resources

Remote Access

To access electronic resources outside the library you will need to authenticate your status as a UTEP student.

   There are two options for remote access:

  1. It is recommended that you download the UTEP VPN to your personal computer in order to access the library's e-content. See Tutorial for Macs  or  Tutorial for Windows.
  2. If you cannot set up a VPN connection, use the Library Proxy. To create a library pin see Create or Recover Library Pin Tutorial.

Database Tutorials

The following are short tutorial on specific resources.

Have an article citation and want to find the full article?

Recommended Databases for Evidence-Based Research

The following is a list of recommended Library databases with your evidence-based research; for a complete list of all social work databases, go to

Searching Tips

  • Add keywords to your searches that describe a type of evidence-base research. For example: clinical trial  OR randomized clinical trial.

  • Utilize limiters in the Advanced Search options. For example CINAHL has a limiter option for Evidence Base Practice,  PsycInfo has a Methodology limiter to find Clinical Case Study articles.

  • If you find an Evidence Based Summary, Recomended Practices or Systematic Review you might also check  some of the articles cited in those resouces.

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