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UNIV 1301 - Tsuitsui: Criticism

What is Literary Criticism?

Literary Criticism is the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of literary works. Literary Criticism usually takes the form of a long essay that is originally published in a scholarly journal.

Completing a Literature Search

Easy and quick tips for researching

  • A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, or
  • Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman


  • Select a database from the suggested list.
  • Enter the particular play and/or playwright, e.g. Henrik Ibsen.
  • See the examples using JSTOR and International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance w/ Full Text. 

Doing the Literature Search

Search Tip:  Begin with the play title or name of the playwright.  If you have too many results, narrow your search by combining terms, for example, Doll's House with women, feminism, social role, etc.  If you're looking for Play Reviews, and not literary criticism, then click here.

Recommended Databases for Literary Analysis

Searching Thematic Topics

Search Tip:  Remember to use synonyms for your keyword(s) if you are having difficulty locating information.  For example, if tracing the theme of gender roles in A Doll's House, consider similar terms.

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