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Health Sciences Websites: Death and Dying

Links to helpful resources in the field of health sciences.

Death & Dying Websites

Hospice El Paso

The Hospice of El Paso describes the services provided by hospice—care for individuals who are sick and dying. The website is full of information about the organization, through testimonials, discussion of their work, FAQs, career, events, volunteers and more.


Hospice Foundation of America

National hospice organization which has programs, materials for education, question forum, research, professional resources for education and development. Helpful site for students and professionals.


National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Organization focused on representing hospice and palliative groups across the country. Education materials on hospice care, which covers medical care, emotional and spiritual support. The focus on palliative care is support for individuals and their family before they have reached the end-of-life stage, which includes medical, emotional and spiritual support as well.

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