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Chicago Citation Style: Citing a Web Site

Basic information and examples for creating footnotes and a bibliography in Chicago style.

Web sites

Web sites must be cited fully: a URL alone is not an adequate citation. Examples:

"Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities." American Red Cross.

           Washington, D.C.: American National Red Cross, 2006. Viewed Sept. 15,


Schoenstadt, Arthur. "Leprosy Treatment." MedTV. Clinaero,  

            2006. Viewed Dec. 18, 2009.


  • Look for an author, often at the end of the article: if there is one listed, you must include that information.
  • The title of the page you are citing goes in quotation marks.
  • The name of the web site is in italics.
  • Include the place of publication, publisher, and date if they are given. This information is often found at the bottom of the home page or on a "contact us" page.
  • Include the date you viewed the material and the full URL.
  • If you don't find an author, an "about us" page, the name of a reputable organization, or publication information, you may want to reconsider whether this is valid material for an academic paper.

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