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National History Day: Visiting UTEP Library

Help in research for National History Day projects and links to the National History Day website.

Guidelines for Visits

The UTEP Library supports the History Department and the El Paso educational community by offering information literacy instruction to middle school and high school students participating in National History Day competitions. These guidelines will help the library staff serve these students effectively.

Handouts are available to help students prepare for their library visit. Teachers are welcome to edit these handouts to suit their own students.

  • History Day instruction and assistance must be scheduled ahead of time. Please contact Miss Joy Urbina at 747-5066 or
  • Maximum number of students per class is 40, since this is the seating limit of our electronic classroom.
  • The teacher and at least one parent or aide must accompany the students. A teacher, aide, or librarian will accompany small groups to the stacks.
  • Two or three library staff members will work with the students.
  • Most of the materials in the library are available for research. The Special Collections are not available except by prior arrangement with that department.
  • Handouts on how to select and focus a topic are available electronically from Miss Urbina. Students should already have their topics selected prior to the visit.
  • A list of student topics should be sent to Miss Urbina at least two weeks ahead of time, so we can prepare appropriate research materials.
  • Students must observe all library rules and behave courteously in the library.
    • Food and drinks are allowed in most parts of the library, but not in the electronic classroom.
    • Talking is allowed, but students should keep their voices low.
    • Cell phones must be set to vibrate.
    • Students must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the classroom.

Making Copies and Downloading Articles

The method in which community users can make copies has changed.  Copy machines only take UTEP student ID cards.  Community users can get a blank card from Access Services or Reference to load money onto from a machine located in front of the CLC Desk on the 2nd floor.  The machine only takes $1, & $5 bills.  It is recommended for students to bring single $1 bills if they wish to make photocopies.

Students have a variety of ways to saved articles for their research:

  1. Save to a USB drive
  2. Email the articles to themselves
  3. Upload to their personal Cloud account

Students can also bring any device with a camera to take pictures in lieu of making photocopies.

Ideal Drop off for School Buses

School buses are NOT allowed on the campus.  Students must be dropped off on the outer perimeter of the campus and walk into the campus.  School buses do not have permission to stay in parking lot.  They must drop you off and return for you.  From this location, it should take approximately 10-15 minutes for you to reach the UTEP Library.

We are currently experiencing a lot of construction on campus.  If any changes take place, the maps will be updated ASAP and the changes are visually verified.  Please check updated dates for the following notes:

**The elevator in the Pedestrian Bridge tower also has stairs.

Eating on Campus

Across from the UTEP Library, we have several restaurants which students can purchase their lunch from.  They include:  Mexican Express, Pete's Pizza, Quizno's Sub, and Miner Grill. 

UTEP students cause a rush from 11 to 1 pm for lunch.  For this reason, it is recommended that you keep your students options to everything, but Miner Grill.  Miner Grill makes fresh burgers and hot dogs and take some time to order and pick-up.  Every other restaurant has food ready or is fast (Quiznos).

Mexican Express: Burritos up to $4, Plates up to $7

Pete's Pizza: 1 Slice of Pizza $3

Quizno's Sub:  6 in. Sub $5-7

Subject Guide

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