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Opposing Viewpoints in Context: Internet Resources - Beyond OVRC

Each volume in the Opposing Viewpoints series addresses a controversial social or political issue from opposing viewpoints.

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Room for Debate

Room for Debate Blog -
In this blog the editors of the New York Times invite professionals to express their opinions on hot topics.

  Virtual Reading Room

To preview the most current articles in the following journals, click on the titles listed below.
+ BMC International Health and Human Rights
+ Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
+Journal of Economic Growth
+ U.S. News & World Report

Weekly Address

One of the sources for Opposing Viewpoints is the President's Weekly Address.

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Room for Debate

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LexisNexis Libguides

LexisNexis libguides for current topics of interest, i.e.,

  • Athletes and Illegal Drug Use
  • Alcohol Use by Adolescents
  • Credit Cards and College Students
  • Teen Suicide
  • Unemployment

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