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Information Literacy

Library Assignments

Good library assignments increase students understanding of the subject matter of the course while introducing them to library resources and teaches them research skills.  

Library assignments are more efficient when they are related to specific class assignments. It is vital to plan library assignments ahead of time and test them.  Students who have a positive library research experiences will become more enthusiastic about research assigments in the future. 

This guide offers suggestions, recommendations and some library assignments samples for your classes.

Remember help by an Instruction Librarian is always available to you by contacting Harvey Castellano at or (915) 747-6734.

Recommendations from Instruction Librarians

Recommendations when creating library assigments:

  • Assign a variety of topics so that students are not competing for the same resources. If necessary alocate materials in reserves.
  • Verify the references given to students are complete and make sure that the library has the cited materials.
  • Give clear written instructions to students. 
  • Provide list of resources to direct students such as specific journal, encyclopedias, books or databases.
  •  Avoid scavenger hunt assignments for most students get frustrated  and end up copying other students. Scavenger hunts do not teach research skills.
  • Send a copy of your assignment to an instruction librarian; this will allow  librarians to be prepare to assist rapidly student groups. 
  • Consult with an instruction librarian to design a library assignment or modify your current assignment to better fit your course needs. Contact Harvey Castellano at or (915)747-6734


Library Assignment Samples

Below are some general library assignments. You can download any assignment and modify the search terms used to appropriate class topic terms. If you wish to have a more tailored library assignment contact Harvey Castellano at 

Library Assignment Suggestions

Suggestions for library assignments:

  • Create an annotated bibliography with evaluative annotations 
  • Prepare an interview with a librarian for recommended resources 
  • Compare and contrast primary and secondary sources
  • Compare and contrast popular versus scholarly sources
  • Compare and contrast publications  across disciplines
  • Evaluate a web site based on specifc criteria (accuracy, authority, currency etc.)
  • Prepare a literature review on a particular topic for a specific time frame


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