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Information Literacy: About Library Instruction + Information Literacy

About Information Literacy

Information literacy has been called a survival skill in the Information Age. In academia there is an emphasis on strengthening students' information literacy skills to adequately prepare them to deal with "information overload", and the constant changes of information format and retrieval methods in their disciplines.

Information literacy goes beyond retrieving information; it encompasses how information is organized, identifying the best sources for a given need, finding those sources, evaluating, and using information ethically. 

The UTEP Library believes that information literacy is a vital skill for our student population and takes an active role in providing information literacy sessions to equip UTEP students with skills to be competitive academics or professionals in the 21st century.   

UTEP Library Instruction Services

UTEP librarians offer information literacy sessions and tools to faculty during the entire academic year. Librarians can tailor one or more library instruction sessions to a class theme or assignment. 

Face-to-face session(s) can be held one of the library's computer classrooms, in an on-campus computer classroom or lab, or at a remote (off-campus) classroom. 

Webinar sessions can be arranged for online or hybrid courses.  Librarians can also provide  research and reference assistance to online and hybrid course by being embedded in the class through Blackboard. 

To schedule an instruction session fill out the online form at or contact Harvey Castellano at

Research Guides

Librarians can design an online Library Research Guide specifically for a class theme or assignment.  Research Guides include suggested Library resources (both print and electronic) as well as search strategies, instructions, and tips for finding information. 


See Research Guides created at:

Breakthrough Tutorials

Librarians developed  a set of online tutorials (Breakthrough Tutorials) to provide guidance and practical strategies to increase information literacy.  The focus of the breakthrough tutorials is to offer quick  and simple guidance for students and faculty.  Breakthrough Tutorials are available at:

Embedded Librarian

Are you teaching a research-intensive course? Are you assigning a research-heavy project? Your students may benefit from an embedded librarian-- that is, a librarian present in your course's Blackboard shell, usually in a designated discussion board. Suitable for both distance and on-campus classes.

To request that a librarian be embedded in your Blackboard course, contact Harvey Castellano, at, or at 915-747-6734.

Library Classrooms

There are three Library Instruction and Information Literacy (LIIL) classrooms located on the second and third floors of the Library.  Reservations for these rooms must be made at least one week prior to the instruction session(s). 


Room 204A is located in the second floor of library and is equiped with 36 computers, an over-head projector, and a flat-screen TV.


Room 204B, also located in the second floor, is equiped with 40 computers, two flat-screen TVs, and an over-head projector.


Room 309 is located in the third floor of library and can accomodate up to 20 students. The room is equiped with a blackboard, a large mobile flat-screen TV, and 20 laptops. 

Library Instruction Team

UTEP's team of Instruction Librarians is dedicated to stregthening students' information literacy skills both at large and one-on-one.

To request any sort of library instruction service, please contact Harvey Castellano at, or at 915-747-6734.

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